About Us

Bespoke steel buildings can offer a wide range of building solutions in the more traditional hot rolled steel.

From agricultural sheds that are timber clad to large production facilities bespoke steel buildings offer a complete solution for all their clients needs

Bespoke Steel Buildings have over 25 years experience in the construction of steel buildings and manufacturing industry, Bespoke Steel Buildings offer a wealth of expertise in steel buildings, equestrian buildings, industrial and commercial steel buildings as well as refurbishment.

Bespoke Steel Buildings has been at the fore front of developing light section steel buildings and also offer the more discerning client a stronger and more professional finished steel building product.

Bespoke Steel Buildings are flexible and have no constraints to buy from one source ensuring competitive pricing and greater flexibility on choice of styles and finishes offering you the very best selection of steel buildings and equestrian buildings, whether it be for commercial or industrial use.