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For special building requirements not within our building generator please contact our team and we would be happy to prepare a quotation to meet your requirements typical cold rolled frames are capable of spanning economically 20metres and up to 7 meter eaves height , typical bay sizes would be no greater thatn 6 metres and any multiples in length. For all enquiries over these parameters we would supply a hot rolled frame with a choice of cladding to meet your requirements.


How do I get a single roller door in the gable ends?

In order to get a single roller door in the gable end of the building you need to tell the system that there will be 1 bay. When you select to edit that 1 bay you can add the roller door to your specification. This door will be shown in the centre of the bay - The centre of the gable end - on the main building diagrams that are produced. NOTE: The roller door will only appear central if it is the only door on the gable. If a hinge door is added then they will be aligned to the left in the images. If both doors are required to be central then please contact Bespoke-Steel-Buildings to confirm this alteration.

I want all the bays the same apart from one. How can I do that?

The easiest way to do this is to first select the number of bays that you require. Once done, select 'ALL' from the bay selection. Each item you add will be added to all the bays. Once you are happy you can select the individual bay that you want different and change the items as desired.

How do I remove the cladding from a single bay?

Once you have selected the bays at the Front you are then able to select the individual bays using the dropdown list. To remove the cladding from one bay, select that bay and uncheck the tick box in the bottom right of the options where it says 'Uncheck to remove cladding from this bay'. The bay (and all contents) will be removed.